Dick is a male billy goat known for his remarkable speed and acrobatic abilities. His agility and prowess are so impressive that he was named after the famous superhero, Dick Grayson, from DC Comics.

Dick Grayson, also known as Robin, was renowned for his extraordinary acrobatics, often partnering with Batman as his trusted sidekick in the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin.

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🌈 Big Heart Farm Update: Goats on the Move! 🌈

Hello to all our wonderful Big Heart Farm friends and family! Today's the day – a very special one for our beloved goat crew as they embark on an exciting road trip adventure! 🚚🐐

We've gone all out to ensure our trailer is the epitome of goat travel luxury. Think spacious, well-ventilated, and secure – a true first-class experience for our furry friends. It’s all about making their journey as comfortable and joyful as possible, minus the bedding, to keep things clean and manageable during the trip. 🌟

So, where are these lucky goats headed? They're off to explore new pastures, make new acquaintances, and partake in some delightful events. It’s a fantastic opportunity for them to bask in new experiences and for us to ensure they’re having the time of their lives. 🌿🎉

Our meticulous planning extends to their every need: from ensuring a steady supply of fresh water and nutritious snacks to double-checking the security of their travel accommodations. Their health, safety, and happiness are our priorities, and we’re dedicated to making this journey as smooth and enjoyable as possible. 🍀

This little expedition is more than just a trip; it's a chapter in the ongoing story of Big Heart Farm, where our passion for animal welfare and commitment to joy and adventure come to life. We’ll be sharing the journey with you through updates and snapshots, so keep an eye on us! 📸😊

Join us virtually as we set off on this adventure. Your support, stories, or tips are always welcome in the comments section below. Let’s make this a trip to remember!

Wishing our goats a safe and splendid journey, and sending out a big thank you to everyone who’s been part of our story at Big Heart Farm. Here’s to adventures, love, and always, a big heart. ❤️🐐

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"Quality Goats for Every Need – From Farm to Family in Florida!"


In Florida, the top choice for each category of goat farming—meat, dairy, and brush control—varies based on the specific needs and environment of the region. Here are the preferred breeds for each category:

Meat Production:

Boer Goat: 

As mentioned earlier, the Boer goat is the top choice for meat production in Florida. Its popularity is due to its high growth rate, good carcass quality, and adaptability to various climates. They are efficient in converting feed into meat and are known for their fertility and mothering abilities.

Dairy Production:

Nubian Goat: 

The Nubian goat is a popular choice for dairy production in Florida. They are known for their high butterfat content in milk, which is ideal for making cheese and other dairy products. Nubians can adapt well to warmer climates, making them suitable for Florida's environment.

LaMancha Goat: Another popular dairy breed in Florida is the LaMancha, recognized for its distinctively small ears. LaManchas produce milk with high butterfat content, similar to Nubians, and are valued for their calm temperament and adaptability.

Brush Control/Land Management:

Spanish Goat: 

The Spanish goat is often the top choice for brush control or land management purposes. These goats are hardy, can thrive in various conditions, and are excellent foragers, making them ideal for clearing brush and weeds.

It's important to note that the choice of breed can also depend on personal preferences, specific farm goals, and local climate conditions. Moreover, other breeds like the Pygmy (popular as pets or for small-scale meat production) and the Alpine (a dairy breed) are also found in Florida, although they may not be the top choice in their respective categories.

About Us - Big Heart Acres in Spring Hill FL

Welcome to Big Heart Acres, a 5-acre accessible farm nestled in the scenic beauty of Spring Hill, located in the heart of Pasco County, FL. Our farm is passionately committed to inclusivity, providing a warm and welcoming environment for individuals of all abilities to savor the delights of rural life. Join us to embrace the healing power of nature, interact with our friendly animals, and forge lasting connections within the vibrant Spring Hill community. You can find us conveniently situated off of US Hwy 41 and Bowman Road, making it easy to access this serene haven.

Fresh Vegetables

Indulge in the delight of locally grown, seasonal vegetables at our farm, where the flavors of nature flourish with every harvest.

Fresh Fruit

Indulge in the delicious goodness of our farm-fresh, organic fruits, bursting with natural flavors and packed with the goodness of Mother Nature herself.

Eggs and Cheese

Indulge in the natural goodness of our farm-fresh organic eggs and rich, creamy cheese, carefully crafted to elevate your culinary experience.

Exciting News from Big Heart Acres!

We're thrilled to announce that our nursery is now offering a splendid variety of mango and avocado trees, perfect for adding a touch of green to your space or starting your own fruit orchard. Our carefully nurtured trees range in height from 2 to 4 feet, making them ideal for planting in diverse settings, from spacious backyard gardens to smaller, urban green spaces. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a budding green thumb, our mango and avocado trees are a fantastic choice, promising the joys of homegrown fruits and the beauty of lush foliage. Come visit us at Big Heart Acres or contact us to learn more about how you can bring these wonderful trees into your life!

Vegetable Boxes

A selection of fresh, seasonal producedelivered straight to your door.

Mango Trees

Discover the joy of homegrown sweetness with Big Heart Acres Farm's robust Mango Trees, ranging from 2 to 4 feet tall. Perfect for your Tampa garden, these trees promise a lush, tropical flair and the delight of fresh, succulent mangoes right from your backyard. Order now and savor the taste of nature's candy!

Empowering Through Earth:

Special Needs and Sustainable Farming at Big Heart Acres Farm. Discover how we're breaking new ground in inclusive farming practices. Join us for a unique event that combines the joy of agriculture with the empowerment of individuals with special needs. Learn more about this inspiring journey.

Big Heart Acres 
(CSA) Program

Join Our Farm Family!
Welcome to Big Heart Acres CSA! 
(Community Supported Agriculture) program.
Our farm is dedicated to bringing fresh, sustainable, and locally grown produce directly to your table. By becoming a member of our CSA, you not only get the freshest seasonal produce but also support local agriculture and become a part of our community.

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How do I know it is Organic?

Our farm takes pride in offering an exquisite selection of farm-fresh vegetables in season, all organically cultivated with utmost care. We prioritize organic farming practices to ensure that you can enjoy the purest and most wholesome flavors straight from our fields.

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